43. Social Media and Intersectional Advocacy, with Tiffany Hammond

Discover what’s possible when your life is not defined by a single identity. 

Tiffany Hammond is an autism self-advocate, a mother to two boys on the spectrum, and the voice behind the blog Fidgets and Fries. As a Black and autistic woman, Tiffany aims to educate others about autism and intersectional advocacy. 

In this conversation, Tiffany describes how she became aware of her differences, the guilt she felt after her first son was diagnosed, and how she finally accepted her own autism. 

Tiffany shares the journey of her advocacy work, how she feels about being an Instagram influencer, and why she felt conflicted about her sudden social media growth after the death of George Floyd. 

Other topics we discuss are the division within the autism community and the overlap between intersectionality and neurodiversity. 

To learn more about Tiffany Hammond, please visit: 

Instagram: @fidgets.and.fries 

Twitter: fidgetsandfries 

Website: fidgetsandfries.com 

Patreon: patreon.com/tiffanyhammond 

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